Artcrank is a bike poster show hosted annually in various cities around the world. I have been privileged enough to participate multiple times as an artist. The art below are my different submissions from over the past few years.

Artcrank Denver 2013 | Shane Harris

I designed this poster for the 2013 show. I was inspired by the expansive riding (both road and mountain) that can be had in the Denver Metro area. This 18" x 24" print on #100 French Paper was screen printed by hand by Rural Rooster in ATX.

Artcrank Denver 2012 | Shane Harris
Artcrank Denver 2012 | Shane Harris

I had the chance to create a poster for the 2013 Artcrank Denver show. Rural Rooster in ATX screen printed this 18" x 24" print by hand on #100 French Paper.