Bordo Bello

For the past 5 years, AIGA Colorado has given artists a chance to create a skateboard deck, with no restraints thru Bordo Bello. I have participated in both 2011 and 2012. My first board, Do What You Love/Love What You Do, was digitally printed on a 7 ½ inch skate deck. In 2012, I wanted to get away from the computer and design manually (by hand). So I painted the old school deck with chalk paint. I used yellow and white chalk markers to typographically depict a personal motto: Make it Happen, Make it Awesome.

Make it Happen, Make it Awesome | Shane Harris
AIGA Bordo Bello 2012 | Shane Harris

2012 Bordo Bello Board Design

Artcrank Denver 2011 | Shane Harris
AIGA Bordo Bello 2011 | Shane Harris

2011 Bordo Bello Board Design